How We Work

Our Philosophy: "Most small businesses don't need full-time IT support if it's being done correctly".

We usually start with a meeting at your office to learn the problems you're having or what you want to change. Afterwards, we'll email a detailed report and follow up in a couple of days to answer any questions you might have. Once we have your approval, and any needed software or hardware arrives, we'll schedule a time to do the work.

We look at your network as being "our" network. As your IT department, we make decisions and recommendations based on what we would do with our own equipment and checkbook.


Most of the time, we can schedule our work so it doesn't interfere with your normal business day. If your network's set up correctly, and we have your permission, most of our work can be done remotely, saving us both time and money.

What we don't do

We of course have favorite software, hardware, and vendors based on years of experience. But, we don't sell software or hardware, so we can recommend the right solution for your business, regardless of who sells it.